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floors of death

AKA “a lawsuit waiting to happen”. This building I go to almost every day has been remodeled extensively, among other things replacing the carpeted floors in big areas with terrazzo flooring. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a helpful definition I found: “Terrazzo is a mix of colored stones and cement that is ground smooth after it sets.” Key phrase: ground smooth. Like GLASS. While they may be beautiful, they are a bitch to walk on in heels. Your heel just slips and slides underneath you with every step. Were there no women consulted for the duration of the project? No one to say, “Hey! If you’re in heels, a surface like GLASS is going to be a lot more dangerous to walk on than carpet. Red flag anyone?” And, it’s not just me, with my bad balance, tenuous grasp on walking in heels, and tendency to blow stuff out of proportion. Women the building over are tottering around now, taking corners like elk on ice. I haven’t seen anyone fall yet, so I’m sure I’ll be the first. And terrazzo – that’ll leave a mark!


i don’t think you ready for this jelly

At work, access to certain (seemingly random) sites is blocked. One of these sites is flickr. I haven’t had a good reason to request a waiver for access to it until recently. It has been showing up in more and more articles with reference to its good interaction design, some great user features, etc.

I requested access to it for our group, and my request is denied on the grounds that flickr is a “web storage system”. It would require signatures from much higher up to get this waiver. Really what they need to know is if porn is stored there, so I’m supposed to look from home.

A week or so goes by and I keep forgetting to look from home. I’m discussing this with one of my friends at work, and how I can’t forget to look that night.

“If I don’t come back for a couple of days, you’ll know … we ain’t getting flickr at work.”


people who talk at shows

A few of us went to see The Decemberists legal to oeder viagra into uk. this weekend in Austin. Let me just start out by saying THEY ROCKED! Good, crisp weather, Colin Meloy was entertaining and smart (and *dreamy*), and the show was just plain terrific.

Before I even get into the actual rant, here’s a tip to grey hoodie guy: if you are the tallest guy on the planet, stand in the back! And/or stand still! Hello!?! My neck hurt from trying to see around you all night.

Anyways… the guy half of the couple next to us never shut up! What is wrong with people like that? When he wasn’t loudly singing EVERY word to EVERY song right in his date’s ear, he was talking about how much he knew about the band. If I was her, I would have been mortified. But he was oblivious; despite people turning around and glaring, he didn’t clue in. We get it! You love them! You’ve seen a lot of their shows! You’ve memorized the lyric sheets! You consider yourself an expert in arcane decemberists knowledge! You win! We give! Shut the fuck up already!

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