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community ketchup

This is the thing that got this ball rolling. At work (to save money) they now offer a big vat of ketchup instead of packets of ketchup. So now you have to spoon ketchup into a tiny plastic container with an enormous spoon. It’s an open vat of ketchup with people’s sleeves hanging over it, and people coughing around it *shiver*. And ketchup gets all over the handle of the spoon because it’s not tall enough to stay out of the vat.

Every time I have to get ketchup now, it makes me so angry. I bitch about it all the way back to my desk. My coworkers think it’s very funny that “community ketchup” can really get my goat, but what’s funnier is that there are SO many things that affect me this way. Frozen solid bottled water. Warm bottled water. W stickers. Being practically incapable of telling a joke right. I could go on and on. Matter of fact, I will; I’ll be writing about all of these things here in the coming days.


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