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crappy napkin dispensers

Napkin dispensers that force you to only take one napkin at a time or take a trillion. With the new ones, it’s one or the other; forcefully yank out a fistful or stand there with people waiting behind you in the “napkin line” while you ungracefully pull them out one by one. And they don’t fold up neatly after that. Either way you end up with an unwieldy glob of napkins. Man I hate that!


1 Susan { 04.12.05 at 4:16 pm }

Let me know when the corporate napkin dispensers start giving out napkins without requiring you to touch the dispenser.

Man, I want to meet the sales rep of that touchless paper towel dispenser. I have imagined his/her whole sales pitch – having to do with saved wastage, fewer missed days due to illness contracted from bathroom surfaces, and the improved morale of the employees because they all think, “Gee, I must really be special! My company thinks enough of me to buy this $4000 towel dispenser to hand me a paper towel!”


2 V { 04.12.05 at 6:12 pm }

Don’t get me started on the touchless paper towel dispensers! I don’t see how that can save anyone money – the towels are so thin that every single person has to run it twice. They take twice as much towel and put twice as much wear on the machines than they would if the towels were just *that* much thicker.

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