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finding a good housekeeper

Everyone I know is looking for a good housekeeper. A bunch of us are out for drinks the other night talking about it and one of my friends says she’s got a great one and starts to give my other friend the woman’s info. Of course, I say I want a copy of that when he’s done. He’s writing it down on a napkin as she finishes with, “Yeah, she’s really great. She’s a coke addict, so she works *really* fast.” His pen comes to a screeching halt. “You were recommending a coke addict to me? WTF?”

What more do you have to say? That’s about the end of that recommendation.


1 skorloff { 04.05.05 at 8:04 am }

i have a good housekeeper. she’s addicted to new cleaning implements. she told me to buy new cleaning supplies (and provided a very specific list). she told me i needed a new vacuum cleaner. she told me i need a new iron.

she brings her grand-daughter to my house while she cleans. when I brought the new vacuum cleaner, her grand-daughter told me i was spending too much money.

2 V { 04.05.05 at 5:44 pm }

Hey! You’re my very first commenter! Hooray! Thanks for reading :)

3 particleman { 04.06.05 at 9:35 am }

i like how the “coke addict” nugget of info came after the “she’s great” info.

4 Steve { 04.08.05 at 11:25 am }

So, you’d be willing to sacrifice speed for lack of cocaine use. I suppose there’s logic there, unless you have a *really* big house.

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