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Pancakes?! WHY ARE WE WORK!

My friend Dustin (@ded) tweeted recently:

“Brunch” and “Pancakes” were trending topics in SF. WHY ARE WE WORK!

He appears to have tickled some funny bones with his starch-crazed ravings, and he’s getting quite the ribbing from all his twitter pals. So what better way to forget this ever happened than to immortalize his gaff on a t-shirt? A t-shirt WITH PANCAKES, of course!

From my Etsy listing:

Are the trending topics on twitter right now “Brunch” and “Pancakes”? Are you gibbering incoherently because you are at work when you could be out nomming on pancakes with the twitterati? Then this shirt is for you.

Here’s the beauty of home screenprinting and the twitter; Dustin tweeted that mid-day last Monday, and after communicating with him almost entirely via twitter DM, I had 4 prints of the resulting t-shirt by Wednesday night. I made one for Dustin in white on a charcoal grey shirt, one for me in sparkly silver on a dusty blue scoop-neck long-sleeve shirt, one for JR in silver on a charcoal grey v-neck shirt, and one extra in silver on charcoal grey that was a happy accident I’ll call “sidewalk graffiti style”. (I forgot to tape off the edge of the screen and silver ink went through along the edge, but it looked kind of like the oversprayed sidewalk graffiti you see all over SF, so I added more “overspray” in the form of a lower corner on the opposite side. And it’s kinda my favorite. I’m sure I’ll do it again.)

If this T-shirt tickles your fancy, then get your ass over to my Etsy shop,! The WHY ARE WE WORK! t-shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes in a variety of colors. Extensive brunch-time field testing has shown that even if people don’t get it, they sure like the pancakes! Mmmm… pancakes…

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1 John Forsythe { 10.25.10 at 11:47 am }

Cool shirt! Hey, cool model in that photo too!

2 Ashley { 10.25.10 at 4:12 pm }

That’s my fave male model. :)

3 John Forsythe { 10.26.10 at 3:21 pm }


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