stuff that bugs me (+ stuff that doesn't)
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Life List

    1. Drink Czech beer in Prague
    2. See a glacier, preferably in Antarctica
    3. See the pyramids
    4. Learn to ride a bike
    5. Summer on a Greek Isle
    6. Go sailing in the Mediterranean
    7. Dip my feet in black sand in Hawaii
    1. Go on safari in Africa
    2. Take a cooking class
    3. Take a woodworking class
    4. Tour New Zealand
    5. Karaoke in Tokyo
    6. Dye my hair an outrageous color (hot pink, Summer 2010)
    7. Live on a ranch in Montana or Wyoming
    8. Do pet w/owner photography
    9. Learn to knit
    10. Learn to sew
    11. Overcome migraines
    12. Be able to quiet my mind in yoga
    13. Build a home with my husband
    1. Go kayaking (Russian River, Summer 2011)
    2. Start a company with people I love
    3. Stunt/Evasive driving school
    4. Learn to throw a punch
    5. Take a metalworking class
    6. Learn to swim
    7. Learn to dive
    8. Make a font
    9. Swim with dolphins
    10. Drink coffee at a cafe in Paris
    11. Buy fabric at a Marrakech bazaar
    12. RV road trip across the U.S.
    13. See the aurora borealis
    14. Go to special effects/movie monster camp
    15. Turn my favorite book (The Eight) into a blockbuster movie
    16. See an active volcano (Hawaii, Feb 2009)
    17. Ride in a helicopter (Hawaii, Feb 2009)
    18. Interview my Dad about his life
    19. Visit the Smithsonian & AMNH
    20. Visit New York City
    21. Learn how to work on cars
    22. Rebuild a classic car with my love
    23. Volunteer regularly
    24. Road trip all the way up & down the West Coast
    25. Can my own food
    26. Go in costume to ComicCon
    27. Really learn to use my camera
    28. Do that SF photoseries I’m always thinking about
    29. Send myself a postcard from everywhere I visit
    30. Make a dress
    31. Do a boudoir photoshoot (2010)
    32. Attend TED
    33. Build a lamp (2010)
    34. Marry the man I love (April 24, 2010)
    35. Write a book
    36. Tent camp in our backyard
    37. Own land
    38. Own a fabulous piece of mid-century modern furniture
    39. Run a marathon
    40. Have my own vegetable garden
    41. Take a glassblowing class
    42. Live completely off the grid
    43. Buy and renovate an airstream trailer
    44. Eat from a food truck at Off The Grid
    45. Beat cancer (Diagnosed w/NHL 2002, in remission)
    46. Have a second home
    47. Have a first home
    48. Take a letterpress class
    49. Stay in an ice hotel
    50. Travel by train, sleeping cars and all
    51. Work for myself
    52. Host a home-cooked holiday meal for family
  1. Stay in a tower suite at the Hotel Valley Ho
  2. See a koala bear in it’s natural environment
  3. Visit all 7 continents
  4. Learn animation
  5. Take a sketch class
  6. Take up pottery again
  7. Visit the Grand Canyon
  8. Have a studio space
  9. Stay in a Japanese capsule hotel
  10. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  11. Dress up & take copycat versions of some of my parents couple photos with my husband