stuff that bugs me (+ stuff that doesn't)

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finding a good housekeeper

Everyone I know is looking for a good housekeeper. A bunch of us are out for drinks the other night talking about it and one of my friends says she’s got a great one and starts to give my other friend the woman’s info. Of course, I say I want a copy of that when he’s done. He’s writing it down on a napkin as she finishes with, “Yeah, she’s really great. She’s a coke addict, so she works *really* fast.” His pen comes to a screeching halt. “You were recommending a coke addict to me? WTF?”

What more do you have to say? That’s about the end of that recommendation.


“mental” notes

During bowling last night (oh yes, we roll on Thursday nights), someone said something so funny that I thought it would make a great t-shirt. I didn’t have a pen, so I made a mental note.

I have no idea what it was.

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stuff that doesn’t bug me

Stories that start with, “Did you hear about my tandem bike accident?”
The visual imagery on that statement alone is rich enough. But it only gets better from there: “So we’re on the tandem bike, and I’ve reached back my right hand so we’re holding hands, and I say ‘Look, no hands!’ and reach back to hold her other hand…” You can imagine where it goes from there.